As the world becomes more complex, public policy makers will need to call on STEM experts and technical problem solvers for consultation, advice, and collaboration. Fellows will see this interaction firsthand through site visits, speakers, and individual research for a capstone public policy project.

Timeline and Schedule

The 2023 Fellowship is scheduled to run from June 20th to August 10th, 2023. Fellows are expected to be at the Capitol full-time Monday through Friday (approximately 40 hour weeks). There is flexibility as needed for specific circumstances.


1. Fellows attend an introductory policy “boot camp”, during which they will learn about the policy-making process at the Capitol and acquire the skills they will need to be a part of it.
2. Fellows visit external sites where technology and policy intersect to experience that interaction firsthand and to engage with stakeholders.
3. Fellows attend presentations from guest speakers who are knowledgeable on the intersection between technology and policy.
4. Fellows are be provided with the time, space, and resources necessary to research, design, and write their own policy proposal, which they will present during the final week of the fellowship.

Past Site Visits

  • Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort
  • DCP Midstream Platteville Plant
  • Lockheed Martin
  • National Center for Atmospheric Research
  • Regional Transportation District Headquarters
  • Public Utilities Commission Offices
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Renewable & Sustainable Energy Institute
  • Google Boulder Campus
  • National Wind Technology Center
  • DHSEM Command Center
  • Office of Information Technology

Past Speakers

-Governor Jared Polis
-Congressman Joe Neguse
-Phil Weiser, Colorado Attorney General
-Dave Young, Colorado State Treasurer
-State Senator Dominick Moreno
-State Rep. Yadira Caraveo
-State Rep. Brianna Titone
-Jason Gelender, Office of Legislative Legal Services
-Jennifer Berman, Office of Legislative Legal Services
-Erin Reynolds, Legislative Council Staff
-John Ziegler, Joint Budget Committee
-Julie Pelegrin, Office of Legislative Legal Services
-Will Toor, Colorado Energy Office
-Ginny Brannon, Div. of Reclamation Mining and Safety
-Doug Vilsack, Dept of Natural Resources
-Andy Karsian, Dept of Transportation
-John Putnam, Dept of Public Health and Environment
-Inta Morris, Dept of Education
-Zach Pierce, Governor’s Office
-Kate Sneed, Office of Information Technology
-Becky Mitchell, CO Water Conservation Board
-Lauren Larson, Office of State Planning & Budgeting
-Dan Gibbs, Dept of Natural Resources
-Michelle Barnes, Dept of Human Services
-Jill Hunsaker Ryan, Dept of Public Health & Env.
-Greg Sobetski, Legislative Council Staff
-Amanda Bickel, Joint Budget Committee Staff
-Aaron Ray, Office of State Planning & Budgeting
-Christina Van Winkle, Legislative Council Staff
-Elizabeth Ramey, Legislative Council Staff
-Kate Greenberg, Dept of Agriculture
-Chris Hinds, Denver City Council
-Kate Williams, Regional Transportation District
-George Sparks & Kristan Uhlenbrock, Denver Museum
of Nature and Science

-Allie Morgan, Colorado Health Institute
-Tanuj Deora, Simple Energy
-Meg Dubray, Qualtrics
-Bryan Leach, Ibotta
-Mark Dyson, Rocky Mountain Institute
-Emily Roberts, Colorado BioScience Association
-Courtney Loper, PDC Energy
-Matt Wendel, Colorado Technology Association
-Erik Anglund, Occidental Petroleum
-Ramsay Huntley, Wells Fargo
-Mike McBride, Gunnison County Electric Association
-J.W. Postal, Nikola
-Ethan Mann, Validus Cellular Therapeutics
-Brian Payer, Sphera
-Erin Overturf, Western Resource Advocates
-Thad Kurowski, Tesla
-Dahvi Wilson, Apex Clean Energy
-Mark Spiecker, STAQ Pharma
-Mike Kruger, COSSA
-Paul Zoby, American Energy Assets
-Staci Kearney, Elevation Strategic Development
-Scott Prestidge, COGA
-Brad Bernthal & Dale Hatfield, Silicon Flatirons
-Randy Moorman, Ecocycle
-Jack Ihle, Xcel Energy

-Gregory Hobbs Jr., University of Denver
-Fernando Briones, CU Boulder
-Max Boykoff, CU Boulder
-Morgan Bazillian, CO School of Mines
-Nicole Civita, CU Boulder
-Amy Schweikert, CO School of Mines
-K.K. DuVivier, University of Denver
-Deserai Crow, CU Denver
-Jill Dupre, CU Boulder
-Tzahi Cath, CO School of Mines
Advocacy / Non-Profit Sector
-Nada Culver, Wilderness Society
-Tom Figel, GRID Alternatives
-Anna McDevitt & Emily Gedeon, Sierra Club
-Amelia Myers, Conservation Colorado
-Hannah Collazo, Environment Colorado
-Tanya Kelly-Bowry, University of Colorado
-Gini Pingenot, Colorado Counties Inc.
Project Bridge, CU Anschutz
Science in Action, CSU

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