“Over the course of this fellowship, I learned so much about the state of Colorado and just how much legislators have to tackle each year. More importantly, I learned that there are some amazing people working on these problems, and that I would love to work beside them in the future.” – Sally McDonnell, CU Boulder

“This program highlighted that with my science background, I have the skills to build effective solutions for nations and years to come. This program has changed my career trajectory, and it has left me with a resolve to touch lives for years with thoughtfully designed, science-backed policies to ensure that governance is effective and works for all people of all ages and races. Thank you Sen. Hansen and Sen. Rankin.” – Maureen James, Colorado School of Mines

“The Fellowship answers your question of “should I become involved in policymaking?” (The answer is yes.) However, the real charm of the Fellowship lies in the access it gives Fellows to state legislators, nonpartisan staff, department directors, local officials, and more. Through CSEPF, I got to know my state and I will be sharing my newfound knowledge with everyone I know.” – Julie Nguyen, CU Boulder


“This was more than a worthwhile use of my summer. If you are considering this fellowship, apply. If you are accepted, apply yourself. You get what you give — personally and professionally.” – Levi Grenier, Colorado School of Mines

“This fellowship exceeded my expectations and allowed me to connect with great new friends and mentors while learning about all of the amazing career options in Colorado for advocacy and policy!” – Briar Goldwyn, CU Boulder

“Beyond the science and engineering aspect of the policy work, this fellowship gives one-of-a-kind insight into how our state government works. You get to see the power dynamics, potential policy levers to pull, and speak with people who affect the lives of all Coloradans. I’m grateful to have had this fulling summer experience.” – Anna Evans, Colorado School of Mines


“This has been a life changing experience for me. I would encourage any STEM student with a passion for making change to apply as you will discover an entire world of change makers, advocates, and people unafraid to pursue positive change. This has significantly influenced the path I now want my career to take, and has led me to so many amazing individuals who I would never have met otherwise. I have been inspired to become an advocate for what I am passionate about and to pursue change through government unapologetically.” – Katelynn Hughes, CU Boulder

“Over the course of the fellowship, my world widened from just my college campus to the entire state of Colorado. My focus has shifted from problems facing my small community to seeing countless situations my fellow Coloradans are facing. You could say my horizons have broadened tremendously.” – Bailey Coker, CO State University

“This fellowship truly illuminated the reach of science in affecting policy. When we start examining the intersection of science and policy, we are able to better understand and innovatively address so many of the fundamental issues within our society.” – Naitra Ramchander, University of Denver


“Science and policy is becoming an integral part of government and will guide the responsible development of society as a whole. This program is a one of a kind experience that only a handful of people in the world have the opportunity to participate in. What I learned in this fellowship I will use for the rest of my life and something I will never forget.” – Andrew Benham, CU Boulder

“This is one of the most influential summers I have had in determining the direction that I want to go in my future. Representative Hansen, Senator Rankin and Kevin provided much feedback in our projects, and directed us to where we might get the information we might need. They made us feel welcome and pushed us to become involved. I am very appreciative they created this program and I hope that more students continue to apply. I hope to work in science policy now, after this experience, and know that there are multiple ways for me to get involved.” – Tamera Breidenbach, CO State University

“Everyday I left the Capitol feeling as if I learned something new. Whether it was from a guest speaker, a research article, or even from my peers, the entire experience was amazing. I would highly recommend this program to anyone to truly understand how engineering and politics are so interconnected.” – Ben Garrett, MSU Denver


“I love the fact that this internship is hands on. You have the opportunity to talk to legislators and staff at the Capitol and put your ideas into something that can become a law. Having a STEM background, most of us don’t realize one of the paths we should be taking is science policy. To me, this was an incredible opportunity to apply what I’ve been researching for 6 years now and boil it down to something that can change the future in Colorado.” – Zitely Tzompa, CO State University

“It’s really changed the course of my career in a lot of ways. It has made policy an option I’m willing to pursue. Even if I decide not to pursue it, I have a much deeper understanding on how policy and the state government play a role. No matter what, I’m able to be a more engaged citizen in the state of Colorado.” – Isaiah Koolstra, CU Boulder

“You get to be exposed to so many people in government, industry and the network of our cohort itself. The other students are very intelligent, driven and will be successful members of society in the state; I now have better networks in other schools. This is a great opportunity for anyone that’s interested in advancing policy in the real world.” – Wendell Stainsby, CO State University

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